Potent C Serum + Brightening Mask - Redness/Sensitive Skin

Potent C Serum + Brightening Mask - Redness/Sensitive Skin


2- Piece Kit/ Vit C Serum + Brightening Mask

High concentrated gel formula. Deeper anti-aging effects. Prevents ageing, calms and restores stressed skin.

Helps treat redness and sensitive skin conditions.


Powerful Vitamin C serum with active ingredients to protect the skin from free radical damage whilst promoting collagen growth to firm and tone the skin. Beneficial with its antioxidants to treat and heal sun-damaged, ageing, sensitive, couperose & scarred skin. Feed your skin with vitamins!


Contains grapeseed oil and 20% encapsulated L-ascorbic acid, the highest amount of Vitamin C that can be absorbed into the skin, in a safe and gentle encapsulated formula for fast results.

NOTE: Brightening Mask - best for for pigmented, red or dull skin


Vegan Friendly

Due to obvious hygenic reasons we cannot and do not accept any refunds once the product has been opened/used.