Smooth Shiny Skin

What are IPL Skin Corrections ?



Our technology combines both IPL and RF (Radio Frequency) for a more affective treatment. Beams of light (energy/joules) are absorbed into the capillaries, spider veins, bacteria causing acne, discolouration (pigmentation) on the skin, stimulating Collagen and Elastin, overall improving your skin appearance. 

Perfect for giving the skin a kick start!

  • 30 min

  • Skin tone correction & clearing, firms/plumps, & diffuses redness.

    30 min

    150 Australian dollars
  • Spider veins, Redness and Capillaries *Prices vary on area*

    30 min

    $80 - $170
  • Sun damaged and Pigmented skin *Prices vary on area, contact for info

    30 min

    $70 - $170
  • 30 min

    150 Australian dollars
  • 30 min

    180 Australian dollars
  • 1 hr

    200 Australian dollars
  • How Many?

    Depending on the individual the treatment course may vary from person to person, it is usual that a minimum of 3 - 6, every 4 - 6 weeks is a good start, than an evaluation with your Therapist to determine future treatments needed.

    *Keep in mind we are a local business and look after of our valued customers, discounts are rewarded to our VIP clients.

  • Pre IPL Treatment

    • Do not exfoliate, wax or roughly abrade your skin 4-5 days before coming in.

    • Avoid makeup before your treatment. (this is not mandatory) 

    • Avoid sun exposure 5 days before treatment (do not come in with sunburn)

    • Do not use prescription strength exfoliant creams (Retin-A and Alpha Hydroxy) for 2 weeks prior to treatment.

    • Avoid tanning, including self-tanning lotions, tanning bed/booths or sun exposure, for 4 weeks prior to and in between treatments. A Cosmedical sunscreen with SPF 30 (our OCosmedics Mineral Pro is perfect) or greater should be used on any area of sun-exposed skin, which you plan to treat.

  • Post IPL Treatment

    • A slight ‘pepperiness’ or heated sensation is anticipated depending on the individual. This usually resolves within 2-3 hours of treatment but may persist for up to 2 days.

    • Pigmentation may be treated resulting in the darkening of spots (which will lighten and brighten your skin after a week)

    • Do not apply makeup up for 24 hours.

    • Do NOT touch your treated skin for 24 hours.

    • Replace your pillow case for a clean one.

    • You want to treat the area as though it is an open wound (Keep Clean).

    • Avoid sun exposure to treated areas. Apply a sun block with SPF30 or greater daily to sun-exposed treated areas between treatments and for 4-6 weeks after last treatment.

    • Bathe or shower as usual. 

    • No strongly scented lotions or soaps.

    • No exfoliation to treated areas during healing phase.

    • Allow any blistered or open areas to heal spontaneously. If healing is delayed, a thin coating of antibiotic ointment may be advised. Do not pick at these areas. Allow any crusting to heal spontaneously, crusting will resolve in 3 to 14 days. Application of antibiotic ointment is not recommended for crusting.

    • Best results are obtained on clients who have follow up treatments. Your technician will advise when you should schedule your next appointment. It is important to adhere to this regime.

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